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Sairat is creating history on Box office week after week. After 6 weeks the movie has earned more than Rs. 85 crores. In the recent success party, Zee Studios also confirmed that the movie will be remade in 3 South Indian Languages.

It is being predicted that the movie will cross 90 crores in coming week. The movie is still running to more than 50% occupancy in all shows. After appearing in Sony Tv’s Kapil Sharma Show, the movie has got national exposure.

Even when the movie is breaking box office records for any language in Maharashtra, Zee Studios announced that Sairat will be remade in 3 south Indian languages Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. The movie will be produced by Zee Studios and will be directed by Nagraj Manjule himself. This news is very encouraging for the Marathi Film Industry as the movies are crossing the boundaries of Maharashtra and India.

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