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The release of the much awaited film 'Sangharsh Yatra', a biopic on the late BJP leader Gopinath Munde, was postponed at the last moment. The film was supposed to release on December 11, a day before Munde's 66th birth anniversary, along with 'Lathi' and 'Carry on Deshpande' but a few days before the scheduled date, the makers decided to delay the release. Director Sakar Raut confirmed the delay.

According to sources, the delay was called for after Pankaja Munde, daughter of the late politician, watched the final cut of the film and objected to a few scenes. Her objection was mainly to some rally scenes and other such instances that were shown in 'Sangharsh Yatra' and she wanted them changed.

We were told that the delay was due to 'technical issues'. The same has been posted on their Twitter page with a justification that 'though the makers understand the disappointment of the audience, the right treatment to the late Gopinath Munde's memory is necessary'. 'Sangharsh Yatra' has Sharad Kelkar playing Gopinath Munde and Shruti Marathe as Pankaja Munde.

Whether or not the reason behind the delay is Pankaja's disapproval to certain portrayals remains to be known as there is no official word beyond the delay confirmation and 'technical issues' comment yet.

The new release date is not yet clear.

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