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Nanda Saukhya Bhare  Actor Chinmay Udgirkar has married to Actress Girija Joshi. The Marriage took place in Thane on 27th December 2015 in the presence of close friends and family members.

Chinmay became household name with serials Swapnanchya Palikalale (स्वप्नांच्या पलिकडले) and Nanda Saukhyabhare (नांदा सौख्यभरे). Actress Girija Joshi recently acted in a Marathi film Deool Band with Gashmeer Mahajani.

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Chinmay met Girija on the sets of their film Vajalach Pahije and they became close friends. Soon the friendship transformed into love. wishes the newly wed couple Chinmay and Girija, happy and blessed married life.

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