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After grand success of ‘Daagdi Chaawl’, Shardul Films and Entertainment’s Amol Dnyaneshwar Kale is now producing his next venture titled ‘Yuntum’. ‘Chaurya’ fame director Sameer Asha Patil is directing the film which has music as pivotal part. Sanjay Abhiman Pawar is the co-producer. The makers recently held auditions for the film, which is poised to release across cinema halls in 2017.

As Marathi films keep churning out fresh content and scripts with directors setting up new standards and challenges, producers are leaving no stone unturned by standing firm behind films with a renewed vigor. With Yuntum, people will have high expectations from Amol Dnyaneshwar Kale and Sameer Asha Patil. The music is touted to be one of the most important facets of Yuntum, which promises a different experience for Marathi viewers.

“Yuntum (यंटम) is a word frequently used in colloquial Marathi dialect in rural Maharashtra. This is ambitious project and details will be disclosed on right time. I can assure that audience will get to watch something different in this film.” said director Sameer Patil.

“After an action film like Daagdi Chaawl I was searching for a different story. Sameer met me and narrated story of Yuntum. I liked it very much and said yes for the project immediately. To understand what Yuntum means, you have to wait for little while.” added producer Amol Kale.

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