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Shirpa, a film about Superstitions and Belief in the society will be releasing on 14 October all over Maharashtra. The film stars Milind Shinde, Chhaya Kadam, Sunil Shirsat, Namrata Jadhav, Prem Kiran and Ravindra Berde in important roles. The film has been directed by Nitin Kamble and produced by Prashant Mankar & Sunil Shirsat and presented by Gopal Bhat, Sudeshana Navkar, Kiran Chavan –Daberao and Gajanan Kalamkar.

The story of the film revolves around a childless couple- Shalu and Shambhu. They decide to sacrifice a goat in order to receive a boon from the deity. However, Shambhu starts loving this animal and has a dilemma for this sacrifice. The sensitive story tries to find answers about beliefs, superstitions, love, affection and family in a very different way.

B. Gopanarayan has written the story of Shirpa, whereas Nitin Kambale has written the screenplay and dialogues. Jigar Khan & Raviran Singh are Cinematographers and Anand A. Ram is the editor. Atul-Rahul, Bhaskar Daberao and Trupti Chavhan has composed the music on the beautiful lyrics penned by Lahu Thakur, Kishor Bali and Pradeep Borse. The songs are sung by Anand Shinde, Swapnil Bandodkar, Urmila Dhangar and the songs are choreographed by Santosh Bhangare.

Shirpa, the story of clash of Belief and Superstition, releases on 14 October 2016 all over Maharashtra.

Shirpa Marathi Movie Still 02

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