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It rained, roads were muddy, this is all what we get to hear but have we ever heard anyone enjoying the mud? No or we can say that the ‘so called’ sophisticated people can’t handle it because; instead of enjoying the mud we always feel bliss in criticizing the rains. But the recently held “Mud Rush 2016” witnessed such people enjoying and indulging in this muddy experience. Marathi Film Doctor Rakhmabai’s team was also present during the event. Mud Rush 2016 was held in Goregoan Filmcity and the run was flagged off by Tannishtha Chatterjee who essays the role of Doctor Rakhmabai. Also present were the movie’s producer Dr. Swapna Patkar, Director Ananth Mahadevan and Tannishtha’s co-actor in the movie Santosh Juvekar.

After seeing the Mudrushers enjoy even in such turmoil, confusion and crowded event, the producer of the movie Dr. Swapna Patkar said, “Doctor Rakhmabai’s life was also filled with such turmoil, confusion and rush and yet she was joyful about life and on the occasion of this movie we ought to bring joy for the audience too.” Actor Santosh Juvekar said, “I enjoyed a lot being a part of the movie and that it is not just a movie but a story with a great moral.”

Speaking about her film during the event Tannishtha Chatterjee said, “Similar to how no rules are applied to the Mudrushers and people of any age can participate in the event, Doctor Rakhmabai also didn’t bother about the rules and terms and fought for her dreams and that this movie is based on her life.”

After making a biopic on the great personality Sindhutai Sapkal, Director Ananth Mahadevan in his next film will immortalize the legendary woman Dr. Rakhmabai who was the first Indian woman physician to provide her medical services in India.

This cinema of moral concern presented by Royal Maratha Entertainment will soon announce the release date.

Doctor Rakhmabai Coming soon

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