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Marriages are made in heaven. As every year, this December too is the happening month for marraiges and our Marathi Television celebrities are also not behind. Sachin-Supriya, Umesh-Priya, Adinath-Urmila and many more are the examples of the Celebrity marraiges from the Marathi Entertainment Industry.

The latest addition to this long list is Pallavi Patil and Sangram Samel. The couple got married on 1st December, which is attended by family and friends. May god bless their lovely relationship.

Star Pravah TV channel’s ‘Runji’ serial’s actress ‘Pallavi’ and ‘Pudhacha Paul’ serial’s ‘Sangram’ are now Husband and Wife. wish both Pallavi and Sangram happy and blissful marital life.

Pallavi Patil Marraige Photo 01

Pallavi Patil Marraige Photo 02


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