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It is marriage session in Marathi Entertainment world as many actor and actresses are getting married. Mrunmayee Deshpande married businessman Swapnil Rao whereas Actress Shuri Marathe marrried actor Gaurav Ghatnekar in December. Next in the line is Zee Marathi serial Asmita's Pair Mayuri Wagh and Piyush Ranade.

Mayuri and Piyush portray reel life husband-wife in the detective serial Asmita. Both met each other during the shooting of the serial and they became close friends. The friendship soon transformed into love, so this reel couple decided to become real couple and got engaged in August this year.

According to news sources the couple is getting married at the start of the new year i.e Feb 2017. The Shopping is also in full swing for Mayuri. Stay tunned to this space for more news and updates.

Mayuri Wagh Piyush Ranade Engagement Photo 01

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