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'Deva' is an upcoming Marathi film that has already been highly awaited due to Ankush Chaudhari's unique look & hairstyle. His look went viral on social media, which has created lots of buzz for the film. Now another exciting news is out, Bollywood’s melody queen Shreya Ghoshal is singing a song for the film 'Deva'. The song is composed by AmitRaj & was recently recorded in Shreya’s voice.

Every music director dreams of working with his/her favourite singers. AmitRaj is no exception here. So, because of this film his dream to work with his favourite singer Shreya Ghoshal has been fulfilled. The lyrics of this song are written by talented lyricist Kshitij Patwardhan.

'Deva' is jointly produced by Innovative Films & Pramod Films & will be a major attraction in Marathi cinema in 2017. The film has been shot in the beautiful backdrop of Konkan. South’s famous director Murali Nallappa has directed Deva & we are hoping that Shreya’s song in this film will be beautifully complement the entire film.

Shreya Ghoshal Sings for Deva 02

Shreya Ghoshal Sings for Deva 03 Amitraj Ankush Chaudhari

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