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Marathi films are getting influenced by our Bollywood films in a positive way, when it comes to introducing something new in technology or music. The best example is the new trend of rap songs in Marathi. In the past we have seen the influence of rap in some of the Pop songs in Marathi, but now one entire rap song is being introduced in Marathi. The experimentation of Marathi Rap song has been tried by young producer and singer Shreyas Jadhav.

It may be recalled that Shreyas Jadhav had produced a film Online Binline in 2015, is originally a very good rapper. Therefore, in this film he had used the style of rapping in the song 'Oho Kai Zala' rendered by Hariharan and Lesle Lewis, which is still fresh in the memory of music lovers.

So to keep up with the trend, Shreyas will be presenting the music lovers with a full fledged Marathi Rap Song 'Pune Rap'. This rap song talks about Pune city, its characteristics and in particular the historical Shanivar wada.

Producer Shreyas Jadhav Becomes Rapper 02

This hardcore Pune song is written by Vaibhav Joshi and music is composed by trio Hrishikesh, Saurabh & Jasraj. Presented by Everest Entertainment and Ganraj Productions, the Pune Rap song is gong to change the course of Marathi Music industry for sure.

Shreyas has confidence that the whole Maharashtra is going to gyrate on this new song. Incidentally, as a producer Shreyas Jadhav is also releasing his two films 'Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar' and 'Bus Stop' very soon in 2017. Also he will be bringing few more rap songs in this year, so the year 2017 is going to be double dhamaka for Shreyas.

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The 'Pune Rap' Song will be released shortly. Meanwhile watch the song 'Oho Kai Zala'

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