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Indo Aus Entertainment, Jhumka Films & Sasa Productions upcoming Marathi movie Shoor Amhi Sardar is ready to release on 21st April 2017. The Film is produced by Ganesh Loke, Dr. Pradnya Duggal and Shweta Deshpande. It is directed by Prakash Jadhav.

The film is based on current scenario of terrorism in our country with patriotic theme. The movie gives a strong message to the young generation, who only protest & condemn terrorism on social media, but never come forward to change the reality on ground. After a long time, a terrorism based film is being made in Marathi.

Producer Ganesh Loke who is staying in Australia for last 17 years is a industrialist and also a social worker. Infact Ganesh Loke has written, acted, co-directed and produced this film. "I was always passionate about Marathi language and films. Out of this passion, I have produced Shoor Amhi Sardar. I like social films with a message and especially like Patriotic films. The young generation should give a constructive contribution towards society is my belief." said Ganesh Loke

The cast of the film includes Ganesh Loke, Sayaji Shinde plays a corrupt MLA, which is a negative character. Harshada Patil plays a lady ACP, who is very strict and brave. Shantanu Moghe plays a Muslim man Salim. The rest of the cast is experienced Sanjay Mone and Bharat Ganeshpure.

So Remember the date. Shoor Amhi Sardar releases on 21st April 2017.

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