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Marathi films are coming these days with some unique titles and subjects from day-to-day life. It attracts the viewers to know the subject and creates curiosity. After producing last year's film Ghantaa, Production house Dashami Studioz is coming with there next film uniquely titled Muramba.

The teaser poster of Muramba was released recently on social media. It shows 2 sets of legs supposedly of a girl and a boy wearing socks and holding the beer glasses in hands. The Title has a Heart symbol suggests its a love story and as the Muramba is soaked in sugar syrup, the love too needs that sweetness.

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Muramba Marathi Film Teaser Poster Small

The film is directed by debutant director Varun Narvekar. He has also written the story and screenplay of the film. Muramba is produced by Dashami Studioz, HUGH Productions and Pratisaad Productions. The star cast, Release Date and other details are still under wraps and will be revealed soon.

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