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Our current education system only gives importance to scoring marks in the exams, but never concentrates on social and mental growth of a child. Parents too want exam toppers, but is this right? This current situation seen in every household is shown in the upcoming film 'Saha Gun'. The trailer and music launch of Saha Gun was held yesterday in Mumbai in the presence of cast and crew members. The film releases on next Friday, i.e. 14th April 2017.

The event was attended by cast members Amruta Subhash, Archit Deodhar, Sunil Barve, director Kiran Gawade, producer Ujwala Gawade and co-producers Ashok Kotian & Sheelaa Rao along with the whole gang of child artists from the film.

Watch the Trailer Click Here

Saha Gun Trailer Launch Photo 04

The film has 4 songs. Veteran singer Suresh Wadkar has sung 'Ya Deshala Ghadavu Ya'. Raj Pawar has composed and sung the song 'Abhyas Abhyas'. Ravindra Khomane has sung the song 'Kabaddi Kabaddi'. The western version of 'Abhyas Abhyas' is composed and sung by Kapil Redkar.

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Director Kiran Gawae said, "I have tried to talk about the current education system in a light-hearted manner with songs and dance. Children will love the song of the film. All parents must watch this film. They will be able to relate to the study pressue and mental condition of the children easily."

Saha Gun Trailer Launch Photo 03

Story in Short:
Vidya Sarvade is a topper of Adarsh Vidyalaya. Vidya's father is a space research scientist who lives abroad and Vidya lives with his mother who is a strict disciplinarian and has set a daily timetable in which there is no place for fun and enjoyment since she wants him to be first in all aspects.

Raju Panse is a new student who joins the school and is good in studies, sports and co curricular activities. Vidya feels a bit anxious of Raju since he suddenly has become the most popular student in the class and he finds it difficult to deal with this change and couldn't concentrate as a result of which Raju tops the class. Vidya feels depressed and the pressure from his mother is adding onto the stress that he is already undergoing.

Will Vidya secure the 1st rank or the battle of education will take one more innocent life?

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