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Mahesh Manjrekar's upcoming Marathi film Rubik's Cube launched it's music with much fanfare at the hands of Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan in February. The film was supposed to be released on 14th April. But after the release of only one video song, the promotions of the film stopped. We were knowing that something is wrong, the disheartening news for the film's fans is out now. Rubik's Cube release is stayed by Bombay High Court as it got tangled in a major copyright issue due to its title.

As we all know that Rubik's Cube is the major puzzle game and all the right to use its title belongs to its makers 'Rubik's Brand Ltd'. The company had filed a petition in Bombay High Court after it understood about the Marathi film had copied its brand name without their knowledge. The company held that they have an exclusive right to market and distribute Rubik's Cube puzzles and the use of the name Rubik's Cube for the film's title was not right.

Justice Gautam Patel of Bombay High Court, while looking into issue had accepted that Mahesh Manjrekar is a reputed film maker, but he must have had the knowledge that he is using the title of a major international brand for his film. The judge noted in his order that Manjrekar's knowledge of the Rubik's Cube is apparent from the use of the promotional poster, which had marks written in four of the six colours of the puzzle. The tag-line of the film is a direct reference to the toy itself which reads "You Rarely Get the Combinations Right.. Even in Love".

Mahesh Manjrekar was not present for the hearing and the court has ordered that Manjrekar, film director and the production company are restrained from continuing to work on any film or other material bearing the name or title Rubik's Cube or the word Rubik in the title. And that there is of course no question of releasing a film with this title either. The filmmakers are restrained from doing so until the case is heard next in July. So this is a major setback for the Marathi film which was the most-awaited film this year. It is sure that the film has to change the title.

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Rubik's Cube is produced by Avinash Ahaley and Mahesh Manjrekar under the Banner of Ahaley's Movie Magic & Mahesh Manjrekar Movies, in association with GB Entertainment. The film stars Gashmeer Mahajani, Mrunmayee Deshpande and Surabhi Bhosale in the lead roles, Pooja Muley, Siddhant, Mahesh Manjrekar, Medha Manjrekar and Aroh Welankar are in supporting roles.

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News Source: India Today

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