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Sairat was released last year on 29th April and the film gave a good looking handsome hero to Marathi Film Industry. We are talking about Akash Thosar, who became famous with only his first film. So when he signed Mahesh Manjrekar's film FU, it became the most awaited film of 2017. Yesterday Bollywood Superstar and Mahesh Manjrekar's very close friend, Salman Khan unveiled the teaser poster of the film FU on his twitter account. It is apt that Akash's 2nd film promotions starts in the same month April.

The poster has a hand with the young generation's famous 'Yo' style gesture. The hand of the hero is wearing a leather jacket and a fashionable leather bracelet. The poster has a tagline 'He is Back' with a message "Meet him on 14th April at 11:35 am". This suggests that Akash Thosar's FU look will be revealed on 14th April. This is a very exciting news for his fans & all the avid Marathi viewers and everyone will be looking forward to watch something new and different from him for sure.

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FU Marathi Film Teaser Poster small

The combination of Sairat Hero Akash Thosar and popular director Mahesh Manjrekar is going to be lethal from entertainment perspective. The poster also revealed that FU is going to be released on 2nd June 2017. It will be very exciting to watch the poster or teaser of Akash's look on 14th April.

FU is directed by Mahesh Manjrekar and stars the talented group of young actors including Akash Thosar, Sanskruti Balgude, Satya Manjrekar, Vaidehi Parashurami, Madhuri Desai, Isha Kopikar and Swamini Wadkar.

Stay tuned to for latest news and updates on Akash Thosar and FU.

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