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Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax in Mumbai Ms Sonal Sonkavde received Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Nobel Prize 2017 by International Human Rights Council, a body affiliated to UN on 11th April 2017.

Sonal has come out with her first album 'More Saware' and dubbed her voice for few movie songs. Veteran Music Directors like Rajesh Roshan, Ismail Darbar and Suresh Wadkar have written words of praises for her. Having successfully established herself as a professional singer and actor, Sonal is nowadays working on a fiction novel named 'So what ?' based on a story of a woman from turmoil to transformation.

"We are happy to announce that Crossword is proud to publish the book written by Sonalji soon. We believe it will be one of the best sellers. The book is a fiction novel and is a woman centric story of an officer who goes through a lot of odds and how she fights them”. Says Anup. R. Jerajani, Head-The Write Place. E-commerce, Crossword , the publisher of the book.

Watch Sonal Sonkavde's Song 'More Saware'

Bhaurao Karhade, who was present for the award ceremony, who himself has bagged the national award as the best director has on this occasion revealed that he is making a film "COMMA" based on the story of this book . He further stated that the film will inspire youth in the society.

Suresh Wadkar said, “I have heard Sonal’s songs. She has sung very well. She has God’s blessings. She is Surili and her voice is befitting a playback singer."

Rajesh Roshan said, “After listening to Sonal’s voice in 'More Saware' I was surprised at her voice texture, range and capability. Despite the fact she is holding such a high position in Income Tax Department which must be consuming most of her time that she can pursue singing is highly commendable. My best wishes are always with her.”

Roop Kumar Rathod said, “Sonal deserves congratulations. It is her debut in the field of music. I have heard all her songs and am happy that in spite of being busy with her profession, she did it.”

Music Director Ismail Darbar, who has heard Sonal’s album More Saware is quite impressed with her voice, says that she deserves kudos. “I have seen Sonal’s interest in singing for the last few years at close quarters. she has been learning music very humbly.The way she has progressed with her riyaaz and singing, I have no doubt that very soon she will become a big star."

Sunny Shah, the president of Indian Human Rights Council said, "Z music Co had recently launched her album of Hindi Romantic songs More Saware. She also brilliantly acted in the video of the title song depicting the compromises of soldiers’ love life. IHRC has conferred this award to her in recognition of her inspiring multi-talent."

Sonal is the recipient of Maharashtra Talent Search Award in 1998, 1999, National Talent Search scholarship in 2000 and was in merit list of both SSC and HSC in Mumbai board. A B. Sc Maths graduate, she is also a BA in Political Science , MA in History, a Bachelor of Journalism and Masters of Business Administration and Taxation. Sonal has held posts of Deputy Collector in Maharashtra Govt from 2008 to 2010 and is Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax since 2010 to 2017.

When asked Sonal how she manages doing all these things, she said that "When God never thought second time to bless me with all these arts, why should I think twice before giving expression to them?. She also said that it's because of the encouragement of Parents and support of all her seniors in Income Tax Department that she is able to venture out as an artist in all possible forms.

Here are the Glimpses of the Ceremony in Photos

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