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Most awaited Marathi film 'Oli Ki Suki' received the Best Film Award on Social Subject at the 54th Maharashtra State Marathi Film Festival 2017 held at Mumbai recently. Producer Vaibhav Joshi received 'Chitrapati V. Shantaram Award' for the production house 'Nalinottam Production', who won the Best Social Film Award for Oli Ki Suki. Film's writer and director Anand Diip Gokhale was honoured with 'Datta Dharmadhikari Award' for the best director for social film category.

Everyone lives life sometimes on their own terms and sometimes as per the situation's demands. But everyone sees the silver lining through one person, who comes in your life and changes it completely. In Oli Ki Suki, the same thing happens with the kids staying in the slums. Tejashri Pradhan will come in their lives as the silver lining, who will change them by her Sensible and Inspirational persona.

The film is produced by Vaibhav Uttamrao Joshi under the banner of Nalinottam Production. The film is presented by Majha Ghar Majha Sankul. 'जिंदगीला नडणारे आवडतात, रडणारे नाय!' is the tagline of the film and it talks about the society tagged wasted kids.

The film has 10-12 young actors playing teenage characters supported by the established actors Tejashri Pradhan, Bhargavi Chirmuley, Suhas Shirsat, Sanjay Khapre, Sharvari Lohokare, Child Artist Chinmay Sant.

The very sensitive social film Oli Ki Suki is ready to release on 26th May 2017.

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