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Known for his excellent performances on stage, television and Marathi films, Milind Shinde has established himself as a versatile actor. Now, he will be directing an untitled Marathi film on the subject of sports, with rural backdrop. Produced by Radhe Mohan Pictures, the story, screenplay and dialogues are written by Kiran Berad. The shooting of this film is presently going on at Shirdi.

Milind Shinde has already tried his hands as a director for 2 Marathi films, 'Nach Tujh Lagin Hay' and 'Bhidu'. But, both the films are not yet cleared by censors and have not been released so far. ‘Bhidu‘ may be released soon, while ‘Nach Tujha Lagin Haai‘ is battling its fight with Censor Board.

Milind’s new film is having different subject, presenting the story of a young active sportsman who has been denied Shiv Chhatrapati award. He goes back to his village, only to pick up three children involved in thefts and trains them in sports to enable them to reach national level. The film will present the sports in very grand style.

The film stars Bhushan Pradhan, Sanskruti Balgude, Uday Tikekar, Abhijit Chavan, Nayan Jadhav and Prakash Dhotre. Pratap Nair is the Cinematographer and Mangesh Dhakde is the music director of this film.

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