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"Mithila Palkar is my Valentine", annonced Amey Wagh on FB and the social media turned topsy turvey with the news. This was quickly followed by other posts on social media, revealing that this was in fact an announcement of the film 'Muramba'. Yes, Indu aka Mithila Palkar and Alok played by Amey Wagh were talking about their upcoming film MURAMBA in which they play a couple in reel life. The makers released the most awaited trailer yesterday in an event in Mumbai.

The event was attended by the whole cast and crew of Muramba. First we were introuduced with the cast of the film Sachin Khedekar, Chinmayee Sumeet, Amey Wagh and Mithila Palkar through innovative skits involving the family of Deshmukh. Producer Nitin Vaidya then introduced the audience with the debut director Varun Narvekar. Music team (Jasraj, Hrishikesh, Saurabh, Shailendra Barve & Singer Aanandi Joshi) and other producers (Ninad Vaidya, Aparna Padgaonkar, Anish Joag and Ranjit Gugle) were introduced with Mithila clicking the selfie with the cast and Producers.

Muramba Trailer Launch 01

Muramba directed by Varun Narvekar has been grabbing up attention on the social media with followers keenly engaging with Indu & Alok. Not to be left behind, Alok's parents too followed this trend by actually going Live on FB and thus introducing their characters to the public in a unique way. Sachin Khedekar and Chinmayee Sumeet who play Alok's parents self introduced themselves via FB!

It is said that a son becomes a friend with his father when he turns 16. Is it possible to maintain the sweetness in this friendly relationships, in this rapidly changing world? The true essence of friendship amongst parents and son may evapourate if it leads to egoes and conflicts. It would be very interesting to see if and how Alok-Indu's parents try to keep the liveliness of the relationship intact.....

Muramba talks about dynamics in relationships between a father & son, wife & husband, wife & son and wife & mother in a delightful manner.

Muramba Trailer Launch 04

Music of the movie is composed by Hrishikesh, Saurabh and Jasraj Joshi. Sweet voiced Mithila Palkar has sung the song 'Muramba' along with Jasraj and Amey has sung the song 'Chuktay' indicating something is amiss in his life. The trailer that followed this song gave glimpses of the breakup between Indu and Alok with the parent getting involved as well, building up the curiosity levels all around.

Watch the Trailer Click Here

Dashami Studioz, Huge Productions and Pratisaad Productions have come together to produce the film 'Muramba'.

So do watch this sweet sour Muramba releasing on 2nd June 2017 all over Maharashtra.

Muramba Trailer Launch 03


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