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Pune's Balewadi stadium is popular for hosting many sports events, national and state level games. Upcoming Marathi film directed by Milind Shinde was shot recently at Balewadi statium making it the first Marathi film to shot at this stadium.

Milind’s new film is based on athletics, presenting the story of a young active sportsman who has been denied Shiv Chhatrapati award. He goes back to his village, only to pick up three children involved in thefts and trains them in sports to enable them to reach national level. The film will present the sports in very grand style and will be a sports film in Marathi after long time.

Marathi Film Shot at Balewadi Statium 02

Produced by Radhe Mohan Pictures, the story, screenplay and dialogues are written by Kiran Berad. National games are shot at the Balewadi stadium. very recently Hindi Blockbuster Dangal was shot at the same stadium.

The film stars Bhushan Pradhan, Sanskruti Balgude, Uday Tikekar, Abhijit Chavan, Nayan Jadhav and Prakash Dhotre. National award winner Hansraj Jagtap and Vivek Chabukswar play pivotal roles.

Marathi Film Shot at Balewadi Statium 03

Marathi Film Shot at Balewadi Statium 04

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