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Young first time directors always try to bring a new perspetive to the same old stories. Kuldip Jadhav is going to be one such director who might redefine the 'Boy Meets Girl' story with his upcoming film TTMM Tujha Tu Majha Mi. The director launched the trailer of the film yesterday (1st June 2017) in the presence of cast and crew members in Mumbai.

Though the event was hosted by comedians Bharat Ganeshpure and Sagar Karande (they are part of the film) with an argument about who is the senior actor among them, soon they introduced the central characters Jay (Lalit Prabhakar) and Rajashree (Neha Mahajan). Both had their own argument and they both introduced the director Kuldip Jadhav.

Kuldip ensured that he in turn introduce all his actors and crew members and call them all on the stage. Satish Pulekar, Sharvari Lohokare, Pushkar Lonarkar, Shriram Pendse, Chetan Chawada were present from the cast, whereas Producer Dr. Santosh Sawane, Music director Pankajj Pandghan, singers Sayali Pankaj, Rohit Raut, Sagar Phadke, Sahil Kulkarni and other crew members were present too. 3 songs from the film were shown to the press & media and then the official trailer was launched.

Watch the Trailer Launch Event as it happened

Written bty Tejpal Wagh, the film is produced by Dr. Santosh Sawane under the banner of Vaishali Entertainment and presented by Eros International.

To Watch the Trailer Click Here

TTMM Tujha Tu Majha Mi releases on 16th June 2017 all over Maharashtra.

TTMM Marathi Film Trailer Launch 02

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