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With a splendid debut in Carry On Maratha and his impressive performance in Deolband, actor Gashmeer Mahajani earned tremendous popularity and established himself as a charmer in the Marathi cinema scene.

Mahajani runs a successful dance academy in Pune that trains in a variety of dance forms. An MJ fanatic and Govinda fan, the actor is an exemplary dancer too. Recently, the Marathi actor was deeply distressed with the recent terror attacks in Amarnath.

Harrowed by the suffering caused by the terror strike, he said, “After getting to know about the news I didn’t know how to express my shock and grief for the family of the victims. It is an artist's responsibility to absorb the shocks of the society. I channelized this into my dance and I decided to choreograph an act and pay tribute for the victims.”

The dance academy’s annual function on the 21st July at Yashwantrao Chavan Natyagruh in Pune will have an act choreographed by Gashmeer as a tribute to the victims of the Amarnath terror attack.

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