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In the history of Marathi cinema, Ringan’s name has been carved in golden letters for winning numerous awards not only on the National stage but also in International festivals. Ringan’s success is the reward for the non tiring 7 years of effort put in by Writer-Director, Makarand Mane.

Ringan is certainly a film worth watching. It’s perhaps one of the best Marathi films made in recent times. People have responded warmly to the universal theme of the film. The reaction to the film once again proves that a good storyline with basic human emotions, soul-stirring music and stellar performances are time tested ingredients for success.

Some seem to have God's grace, but the film Ringan not only captures Lord Vitthal in it but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has been showered with His choicest blessings through the making and now on its release. Shashank Shende, the lead actor of the film cheerfully pointed out, “Despite facing issues in booking tickets online due to GST, it did not dampen the spirit of movie enthusiasts, who continue to flock to the screens; this is an achievement in itself.”

The simplicity, depth and mature handling of a difficult subject by first time director, Makarand Mane has been lauded by everyone. The premier of the film was very well attended by renowned artists from the Marathi film industry. The film has received stupendous recognition by all the media houses who can’t stop singing praises for the father-son duo Shashank Shende and master-blaster Sahil Joshi.

When asked about the wide appreciation of his debut film, Makarand said "It all feels like a dream, what started as a thought to make a movie, has now actualised. This journey has given me a new perspective to the world."

Talking about the success of the film, Vidhi Kasliwal said "We have been receiving an overwhelming response from the industry, the critics and the audiences; even from smaller centres like Padharpur, Ambernath, and many more. This just strengthens our belief that Content is King!"

Kudos to Vidhi Kasliwal and Landmarc Films for presenting such a poignant film and to My Role Motion Pictures for producing it.

This National award winning film released on the 30th of June and if you still haven’t, do go and watch Ringan and experience the father-son’s quest for love and happiness.

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