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We have had cases wherein a film is slated to release on a particular date but is postponed due to circumstances. But there’s never been a case of delaying the date of release of a film twice. In the case of Marathi film Sangharsh Yatra, the date has got rescheduled once again! The film is a biopic portraying the life of late BJP leader Gopinath Munde.

The film was earlier scheduled to release on 11 December 2015, with a grand music release and unveiling the teaser of the film. When everything was ready including the issue of newspaper ads and theatre booking, all of a sudden, we saw the film makers backing out from the scheduled date of release. Technical reason was given that time.

Last week the makers of this film, unveiled official first trailer of this movie and also made announcement that the film will be released on 19 February 2016.
Accordingly, the press show of this film was also fixed on February 17, 2016. But, just 12 hours before this show, the scribes were informed that the press show of this film was cancelled, as the release date of ‘Sangharsh Yatra’ was postponed for the second time.

This time though there is no reason given, but sources say that there is no NOC received from Pankaja Munde to censor board. These are unlucky occurrences for the viewers who are eagerly awaiting for the release of this biopic and everyone expect a formal press release to notify the reason.

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