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After the National Award winning best Film Shwaas, director Sandeep Sawant's next film is Nadi Vahate (River Flows). The motion poster of the film was released recently. The viewers are very curious about the film, which is ready for release in September.

It has become a challenge in today's industrialized world, to keep the river alive and flowing in a village. It does not need movements and speeches, but a real plan of action to keep the river flowing. The film Nadi Vahate is based on the very principles and has been recognized at Pune International Film Festival and Zee Gaurav Awards. The motion poster highlights the uniqueness of this film

Click Link : Watch the Motion Poster

The film is produced by Sandeep Sawant and Neerja Patwardhan under the banner of Sahaj Films. Sanjay Memane is the cinematogrpher, Neeraj Vhoraliya is the editor and Arts Director & Costume designer is Neerja Patwardhan.

Nadi Vahate stars Vasant Josalkar, Poonam Shetgaonkar, Asha Shelar, Jayant Gadekar, Hrudaynath Jadhav, Shiv Subramanium and others.

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