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To become parents for the first time is world's best feeling for the couple. If it is a celebrity couple then the world of fans await such good news. Recently Actress Urmila Kothare won the best supporting actress award for her role in Ti Saddhya Kay Karte and proudly accepted the award showing her baby bump.

Urmila Kanitkar and Adinath Kothare fell in love during the shooting of Mahesh Kothare directed film 'Shubhmangal Savdhan' in 2006 and they got married on 20th December 2011. This will be their first baby and make them Aai - Baba and Mahesh Kothare Aajoba.

Urmila officially announced the good news about her pregnancy on her social media accounts. She Wrote in 2 sepaate posts as below

"Good news has brought good luck too ..
Sakal premier awards best supporting actress for Tee Sadhya Kay Karte.."

"They say Double Chin's not good for the Red Carpet.. But I carry it with pride in this beautiful phase of my life"

When contacted Urmila and Adinath felt happy and told us that it will be a winter baby. congratulates and gives best wishes to both Urmila & Adinath on their parenthood.

Urmila Kothare Marathi Actress Baby Bump

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