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Recently a unique official poster of the upcoming Marathi film Zindagi Virat was launched. 'Celebration Mood' is the first impression when you look at this poster. The poster introduces viewers with the characters in the film.

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Zindagi Virat Marathi Film Official Poster Small

Talented actor Kishor Kadam can be seen 6 different looks as a watchman, fakir, rockstar, joker etc. This raises the curiosity about his character as well as the subject of the film. The other characters portrayed by Bhau Kadam, Om Bhutkar, Usha Naik, Atul Parchure and Sumit Sanghamitra are also seen in a celebration mood. Viewers has to wait to watch the trailer to understand whose birthday celebration is happening.

Zindagi Virat has the tagline of "Jaganyachi Baap Goshta" too suggests the celebration of life. The film is produced by Anjaneya Sathe under the banner of Anjaneya Sathe Entertainment and directed by debutant Sumit Sanghamitra.

Zindagi Virat is ready to release on 29th September all over Maharashtra.

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