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It is very common in Hollywood and Bollywood to make the sequels of the successful films. Mumbai Pune Mumbai (2010) shown that the sequels can be successful in Marathi too. So when its sequel Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 released in 2015 and became successful, the news of its 3rd part starting doing rounds. Director Satish Rajwade even confirmed that they are working on it.

Now comes the big news that Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 is at the final stage of scripting and will start shooting by the end of 2017. The film will be ready to release in the first half of 2018. Swwapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve are the USP of this first Marathi film franchise and will continue their roles as Gautam and Gauri.

Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 01

The rest of the cast from Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 will be part of this film too. Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 was written by Ashwini Shende and a new writer is writing the 3rd part. It will be interesting to know the story of married Gautam and Gauri. We all are very excited to bring this news to our viewers, if you are excited too then write your comments below.

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