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With appearances in Goa (IFFI), Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, and Kolkata, "The Silence" has also traveled to Germany, USA, Brazil, Spain, Tanzania, the Czech Republic and Bangladesh. It has been to over 35 film festivals and won over 15 awards including 2 Maharashtra State Awards. Yesterday on 25th September 'The Silence' music and Trailer were launched at Mumbai in an event attended by actors Anjali Patil, Nagraj Manjule, Raghubir Yadav, Mugdha Chaphekar, Kadambari Kadam, Vedashree Mahajan, Director Gajendra Ahire, producers Arpan Bhukhanwala, Ashwini Sidwani, Navneet Hullad Moradabadi & Arun Tyagi and Advocate Pooja Kute.

All the cast, director and producers shared their experiences about the film's making and the response it had received at various film festivals. It is that time of year, navratri, where women power is celebrated and in a country which worship goddess, the crimes against women are increasing. The film will try to break that silence about crimes against women and children. Advocate Pooja Kute gave the insight of the real life story on which the film is based.

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National award-winning director Gajendra Ahire's, "The Silence" is based on a true story. "Overwhelming", "deeply moving", "cutting edge", "will push you to fight back" and "I wanted to scream so overcome I was with emotion" are comments describing the movie. The story and screenplay are written by Ashwini Sidwani. Producers are Arpan Bhukhanwala, Ashwini Sidwani, Navneet Hullad Moradabadi, and Arun Tyagi. Co-producers are Gaurish Pathare and Sunny Khanna. Music is by Indian Ocean; editing by Mayur Hardas and cinematography by Krishna Soren. The sound engineer is Vijay Bhope. Direction, screenplay and dialogues are by Gajendra Ahire.

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"The Silence" releases on October 6, 2017 all over Maharashtra.

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Cast and Director

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