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It seems that Tamasha centric film's time is back with bang. Avadhoot Gupte ensured that the music launch or Premla Pictures' 'Chhand Priticha' was one to remember because of the captivating Lavanis & peppy music with melodious vocals performed as he graced the event, wishing good luck to thc team of the film produced by Chandrakant Jadhav.

Written & Directed by N. Relekar, Chhand Priticha's music launch started with a skit by Vikas Samundre & Jaywant Bhalekar where they launched film's first romantic song 'Aal Aabhal Bharun', soon after that audience experienced the beautiful lavani 'Nusti Daravar Tichki Mara' after which Sawaal-Jawab was presented sung by Bela Shende & Vaishali Samant. 'Nahi Jayach Ghari Vajo Pahateche Paach' song picturised on Suvarna Kale made the audience sway to its music.

Chhand Priticha Marathi Film Music Launch 10

One by one the music director, producer, director and cast shared their experience while making of the music and film. Avadhoot too wished the film all the best and praised the music. The makers along with Guest of Honour Avadhoot Gupte launched the high-energy dance numbers in presence of the lead actors Subodh Bhave, Suvarna Kale, Harsh Kulkarni, Vikas Samudre, music director Pravin Kunwar, director N. Relekar and producer Chandrakant Jadhav.

Chhand Priticha Marathi Film Music Launch 03

Music Director Pravin Kunwar said, "Music is the soul of this film as there are 8 songs. All are situational songs and take the film forward. The producers gave me complete freedom to choose the best of the singers and recording studios. I would not say that I have creating something different, but have ensured that the soul of the lavani & Tamasha music is kept intact."

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Producer Chandrakant Jadhav said, "Actor Harsh Kulkarni and director N. Relekar came to me with this film's story and it touched my heart. I immediately decided to make this film. We had approched Ajay-Atul and Avadhoot Gupte to compose the music, but that did not worked out and Pravin Kunwar has done fabulous job as the music composer of Chhand Priticha. I have confidence that the audience will love this film."

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Director N. Relkar Said, "The film is based on my previous stage play by the same name. Someone suggested me to write a script for the film and I had waited 8 years to find the right team to make Chhand Priticha. This is the best team I could have assembled and all of them have done fantastic job. After late actor Arun Sarnaik, Subodh is the best Dholki vadak I have seen on screen."

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Actor Subodh Bhave revealed that, "I play Dholki Vadak in this film and I am blind too. After doing so many different roles, I am pleased that I am able to play something different and something that challenged me. I had difficulty enacting a blind man as I was able to see everything. This is one memorable experience and I am glad that I am part of this film."

Chhand Priticha Marathi Film Music Launch 07

Debut actor Harsh Kulkarni said, "I am overwhelmed as this is my first film. The whole experience is very much satisfying."

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Actress Suvarna Kale said, "I am very much shivering being on stage with so many great people. I was doing play Ghashiram Kotwal when the director saw me and called me to be part of this film. I had enjoyed the whole process of the film making and we had completed the film in 2 schedules of 45 days and 21 days. I Hope the audience will love the film."

Chhand Priticha Marathi Film Music Launch 09

Avadhoot Gupte said, "Marathi films are breaking the boundaries and independant producers can feel the confidence with the recent success of Boyz which collected 10+ crores at box office. I would have loved to be part of this film as music director or singer, but I am glad that I am not as otherwise I could not have got the previlage to launch the music of Chhand Priticha. Pravin Kunwar has done fantastic job with the music and I wish the producers that the film achieves success."

Produced by Premla Pictures, 'Chhand Priticha' includes eight songs which are penned down by lyricist N. Relekar. The music is composed by Pravin Kunwar, whereas the vocals are by singers Javed Ali, Bela Shende, Adarsh Shinde, Vaishali Samant and Ketaki Mategaonkar.

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Captivating lavanis, peppy music and melodious vocals, above that the perfect acting and mix of comical touch is all about the film 'Chhand Priticha'.

Chhand Priticha is ready to release on 10th November all over Maharashtra.

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