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Popular for film songs, serial title songs and various albums, Singer Amruta Natu starts a new inning as a music director. Her spiritual album 'Ushachya Ovya' was launched recently by Pandit Suresh Wadkar. The album has 6 songs and the poems are borrowed from Dr. Usha Hiranandani's philosophical poetry collection titled 'Aarambh'.

On the occasion of the album launch, Amruta Natu said, "I know Pandit Suresh Wadkar for many years. I wanted his blessings while my first album as music director is getting launched. I am glad that he not only released the album but also listened all the songs."

All the 6 songs are sung and composed by Amruta Natu and Gaurav Bangia. All these songs are spiritual, but not religious. These songs are not of any specific god or religion, clarified Amruta. Santosh Nair has arranged the whole album.

Suresh Wadkar said, "When the whole music industry is busy creating loud music, these 2 youngsters has created clam and spiritual songs. Their music is like meditation, this feat is really appreciable. I wish Amruta Natu and Gaurav Bangia wholeheartedly for their album."

Amruta Natu Becomes Music Director 02

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