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Many Marathi films commenting on family relationships have been produced till date. Highlighting family values and trying once again to restart the lost conversations, the movie ‘Spandan-What is relationship? releasing on the 15th of December. Presented by Brahmachaittanya entertainment, The film is produced by Shailesh Kulkarni, Dattatray Nalawade and Phadtare Group. Writing and direction is by Shailesh Kulkarni. The increase in man to man discord which we observe everywhere. We also experience the results. With this in mind Shailesh Kulkarni got the story of ‘Spandan’.

Due to the increased use of Social Network, families have lost their interactions among themselves and there is a dip in the longings and tenderness among family members. Keeping this as the central theme, the story of ‘Spandan’ has been written. Strife in relationships, finding a way out of it, at times wetting the corner of the eyes and sometimes creating a burst of laughter, this is how the movie is, says Shailesh Kulkarni. ‘Spandan’ shows us the different relationships that exist between the members of the family. ‘Spandan’ tells us the story of three generations.

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Along with Mohan Joshi, Avinash Narkar, Sagar Karande Spandan have new artistes Prasanna Pawar, Vaishali Shah and Shailesh Kulkarni. A special guest appearance is made by writer & poet Sandeep Khare. Cinematography is by Prashant Sonawane, Nishant Bhagwat and editing is by Ajit Bherde. Assistant directors are Prasad Shinde and Raj Chavan. The casting is by Swati Kadu. Songs of different genres have been sung by Sachin Pilgaonkar, Bela Shende, Janhavi Prabhu Arora, Swapnil Bandodkar, bollywood singers Neeraj Shridhar and K. K. Santosh Khatmode, Anamik Chauhan has composed the music. Zee Music has released the songs of the film.

‘Spandan’ Releases today i.e. on the 15th of Dec.

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