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There are many youth-centric films being made in Marathi, which specifically concentrate for young audience. One such film Odh - Maitritil Avyakt Bhavana is ready to release on 19th January 2018. Yesterday the music of Odh was unveiled in the presence of cast, crew members in Mumbai.

On the occasion all 4 songs from the film and trailer were shown to attending media. The event was graced by film's lead pair, debutants Ganesh Towar and Ulka Gupta along with director Nagesh Darak, director-producer S.R Towar, Music director Pravin Kunwar, lyricists Sanjali Rode, Kautuk Shirodkar, Abhay Inamdar, Kuku Prabhas and other crew members.

The music album of Odh has 4 different genre songs, which will be liked by the audience. The 4 songs are penned by 4 lyricists as follows.

Song: Nirantar Rahu De
Lyricist: Sanjali Rode
Singers: Swapnil Bandodkar, Dr. Neha Rajpal

Song: Chal Nachu Bindhast
Lyricist: Kautuk Shirodkar
Singers: Adarsh Shinde, Vaishali Made

Song: Na Jane Kya Hua Hai
Lyricist: Abhay Inamdar
Singers: Rohit Raut, Aanandi Joshi

Song: Jare Jare
Lyricist: Kuku Prabhas
Singers: Javed Ali

2 songs were performed during the event, please watch these performance videos

"Chal Nachu Bindhast" Performance

"Na Jane Kya Hua Hai" Performance

Music Director 'Pravin Kunwar' Speaks About the Music of Odh

Friendship is the core emotion of film Odh and where this attraction of friendship will take the lead pair is portrayed in the film. The film stars debutants Ulka Gupta and Ganesh Towar along with whole brigade of actors Mohan, Bhau Kadam, Bharat Ganeshpure, Shashikant Kerkar, Jaywant Bhalekar, Rahul Chitnale, Aditya Aalane, Sachin Chaube, Shital Gaikwad, Tejaswini Khtal, Asawari Asudkar, Madhuri Khonde, Madhura Gujjar, Mrunal Kulkarni, Anant Chavan, Sudhakar Natave.

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Photos From the Event

Anchor Madhuri

Odh Marathi Film Music Launch 01

Lead Actress Ulka Gupta

Odh Marathi Film Music Launch 02

Lead Actor Ganesh Towar

Odh Marathi Film Music Launch 03

Music Team - Odh

Odh Marathi Film Music Launch 04

Cast & Crew Whole Team of Odh

Odh Marathi Film Music Launch 05

Producer, Director, Lead Actors & Music Team

Odh Marathi Film Music Launch 06

Cast Members with Producer and Director

Odh Marathi Film Music Launch 07

Lead Actors Ganesh Towar & Ulka Gupta with Producer-Director S.R. Towar, Director Nagesh Darak

Odh Marathi Film Music Launch 08

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