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Actress Mrinal Kulkarni 's son Virajas Kulkarni has literally grown up around films. Being Mrinal Kulkarnis s Son, the young boy remembers being surrounded with films since childhood. So taking up a career in acting was an obvious choice for this theater and film graduate. Virajas Kulkarni is making his Marathi acting debut in Eminent Director Ajay Naik's Marathi film “Hostel Days” with Prarthana Behere, Aroh Welankar, Akshay Tanksale and Sanjay Jadhav in lead roles.

22 years old Virajas has taken after his mother and is an actor-director. He even assisted Mrinal in her directorial debut period film 'Rama Madhav'. The proud mother (Mrinal Kulkarni) shared, "Technically, my son became an independent director before me. Much before I made Rama Madhav, he had already directed and acted in his first play Anathema. I am glad that he made this career choice and am looking forward to see him succeed."

Having learned script writing and screen writing Virajas is careful about the projects he picks. He says that director Ajay Naik's approach to films is what made him to choose it as his debut film. "Ajay is a musician at heart, so his treatment to a film is intriguing. He approaches a film like a song, creates a base and then adds layers. I found that process pretty interesting." says Virajas.

So does he discuss, Work with Mother, after accepting the film? "I discussed it with her and she helped me with few insider tips. With the help of her experience and cinematic knowledge I am sure I can’t go wrong", Said Virajas.

It is very peculiar that, Mrinal Kulkarni's film 'Ye Re Ye Re Paisa' releases on 5th January and Virajas Kulkarni's film 'Hostel Days' releases on 12th January, avoiding the clash of mother-son at box-office.

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