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Yuntum is in news since it was annocuned in 2016 by Daagdi Chaawl producer Amol Dnyaneshwar Kale (Shardul Films & Entertainments) and Chaurya director Sameer Asha Patil. The film with a unique name is finally ready for release on 2nd February 2018. Yuntum is being presented by Ravi Jadhav Films. The film is a musical journey of a boy and music plays an important part in this film. Recently the Music was launched in the presence of cast and crew in a grand event.

On the occasion film's producer Amol Dnnyaneshwar Kale, director Sameer Asha Patil, actors Sayaji Shinde, Vaibhav Kadam, Apurva Shelgaokar, Akshay Thorat, Aishwarya Patil, Rushikesh Zagade, Sukanya Surve, Music directors Chinar - Mahesh, presenter Ravi Jadhav, singers Harshvardhan Wavare, Aanandi Joshi, Chhagan Chaugule, Yogesh Ranmale and lyricist Mangesh Kangane were present for the grand music launch.

The event started with the Sanai Vadan of popular Sanai player Father-Son duo Madhukar Dhumal and Omkar Dhumal. Both have played the Sanai in the film's music and background score.

Yuntum Marathi Film Music Launch 02

Yuntum has total 4 songs. All the songs are composed by Chinar - Mahesh on the lyrics of Mangesh Kangane.

Gara Gara
Singers: Harshvardhan Wavare & Aanandi Joshi

Thav Lagana
Singers: Harshvardhan Wavare

Anand Zhala Faar
Singers: Chhagan Chaugule

Yuntum Zala
Singers: Yogesh Ranmale

Click Here to Listen All 4 Songs and 2 Sanai Instrumental tracks

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The film is written by Sameer Asha Patil and Mehul Agaja. Saregamapa singer Yogesh Ranmale will be making his debut in Marathi, who has sung the title song of Yuntum. He was spotted by judge Ravi Jadhav during the auditions of Saregamapa and he suggested Chinar - Mahesh to use Yogesh to sing the title track.

Music composers Chinar - Mahesh said, "Yuntum is a musical film and every song takes the script forward. Since film's story is based on Sanai player and his son, there was much more scope to explore and since the story is based at a small village, we could use the rural language in our songs. There are also 2 separate Sanai tracks which are purely instrumental."

Yuntum Marathi Film Music Launch 03

Presenter Ravi Jadhav said, "When I saw Yuntum, I immediately decided to present the film. It was already ready, so the whole story and production excellence of Yuntum goes to the director Sameer Asha Patil and producers of the film. I am merely the connection to make this film avaiable to maximum audience."

Presenter Ravi Jadhav

Yuntum Marathi Film Music Launch 04

Director Sameer Asha Patil

Yuntum Marathi Film Music Launch 05

Singers Aanandi Joshi and Harshvardhan Wavare

Yuntum Marathi Film Music Launch 06

(L-R) Chinar, Singer Chhagan Chaugule, Mahesh, Singer Yogesh Ranmale

Yuntum Marathi Film Music Launch 07

Cast of Yuntum (L-R) Sayaji Shinde, Vaibhav Kadam, Apurva Shelgaokar, Akshay Thorat, Rushikesh Zagade, Aishwarya Patil

Yuntum Marathi Film Music Launch 08

Music Launch of Yuntum

Yuntum Marathi Film Music Launch 09

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