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Beauty of Kokan blended with unique friendship of four friends. First adolescent step sprinkled by love and the confusion at large for this foursome friendship in a matter of sheer enthusiasm with a distinctive touch film “Memory Card” is releasing in entire Maharashtra on the 2nd March 2018. The film launched it's music in a grand event at Plaza Theater, Mumbai yesterday.

The grand event was attended by Memory Card's debut producer-director duo Priteesh Kamat & Mitesh Chindarkar, Actors Sanjay Khapre, Sunil Tawade, Reeshabh Purohit, Apurva Paranjape, Vibhuti Kadam, Aditya Nakti, Kunal Shinde, writer Manali Kale, Punyakar Upadhyay, choreographer Devendra Shelar, Singers Mahalakshmi Iyer and Sayali Patil and many more crew members.

Watch the Music Launch Here

Practical implementation of changes under changing times always takes its own time to settle. These changes on every one of us are depicted in a jovial manner in this film. Smartness is a pre-requisite for using a smart phone. The inconveniences faced due to lack of the same are highlighted in an innovative manner. In “Memory Card” you will experience a smart touch that a phone is not really essential to keep in touch with your own people. The film is produced and directed by a talented duo Priteesh Kamat & Mitesh Chindarkar and they have also provided the Music for the film with lilting tunes.

Producers - Directors - Music Director Duo - Priteesh Kamat & Mitesh Chindarkar

Memory Card Marathi Film Music Launch 03

The film has 5 songs of varying genres penned by Mitesh-Pritesh & Shyam Samant. the songs are sung by talented singers Shankar Mahadevan, Javed Ali, Mahalakshmi Iyer, Sayali Patil, Mayuri Nevrekar. In fact this “Memory Card” would be an ideal Valentine Day gift to your valentine. Eminent singer Shankar Mahadevan will enthrall you with his special 'Ganapati song'. Punyakar Upadhyay’s inspiring dance performance on the same will entertain the audience. Mayuri Nevrekar will mesmerize you with her number ‘Click Click’. While Javed Ali and Mahalakshmi Iyer has set the song ‘Runa Jhuna’ to tune. Javed Ali has also set the song ‘Laj Watate' to tune and Singer Sayali Patil will make the tears roll on your cheeks through her number 'Dolyatalya Aswana'.

To Listen to all the 5 Songs Click Here

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Memory Card “Thevavi Lagate Mahiti” to Release on 2nd March 2018

“Memory Card” is a maiden venture of Priteesh-Mitesh duo. The story is by Manali Kale and Shyam Samant. This will also be the first time to find Actor Sanjay Khapre and Sunil Tawde together in this film. Newcomers arriving through this film include Reeshabh Purohit, Vibhuti Kadam, Appurva Paranjape, Pranali Chavan, Aditya Nakti, Kunal Shinde, Hitesh Kalyankar, Dinesh Patil, Kalpana Bandekar, Vijay Chavan and Akshata Kambli. The film is edited by Vijay Kochikar, Art Director is Pravin Chindarkar and Cinematography has been handled by Devendra Tanwar.

Actors Sanjay Khapre & Sunil Tawade

Memory Card Marathi Film Music Launch 04

(L-R ) Kunal Shinde, Sanjay Khapre, Reeshabh Purohit, Apurva Paranjape, Vibhuti Kadam, Aditya Nakti

Memory Card Marathi Film Music Launch 05

The film based on a simple story and with characters that can connect to your own life. A boy studying up to 10th standard at a village school in Kokan arrives to a city for further education. On one side is the natural uneasiness of a totally new atmosphere and on the other is an unknown girl helping her friend who is new to the city to get natural to city hustles and free his mind. Many such incidences are revealed in a manner where the audiences will morph with the character. One can say that it is the story of this film that plays the hero.

“Memory Card” will arrive at the silver screen on the 2nd March 2018.

Singer Mahalakshmi Iyer with Crew of Memory Card

Memory Card Marathi Film Music Launch 06

Cast & Crew of Memory Card Unveiling The Music

Memory Card Marathi Film Music Launch 02

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