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Love is an universal emotion and two lovely souls involve with lots of emotions with each other. Soon the whole world will be celebrating Valentine's Day. To celebrate this annual day of love, upcoming Marathi film Baban launched their romantic song 'Jaganyala Pankh Phutale' and a brand new poster on 5th February at Mumbai Plaza Cinema. It was also announced that Baban will be releasing on 23rd March 2018 all over Maharashtra.

On the occasion, Baban's director Bhaurao Karhade, Actors Bhausaheb Shinde & Gayatri Jadhav and producers Vitthalrao Karhade, Pramod Bhaskar Chaudhary, Sandeep Phand were present. The film is produced under the banner of Chitraksha Films and presented by The Folk Confluence Entertainment Group.

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Baban Marathi Film Poster 01 Small

Bhaurao Karhade, who have directed the National award winning film Khwada, is coming up with his 2nd Marathi film after almost 2 years. He Said, "Baban is a story of every youth of current generation, who want to make big in his chosen field. It tells the story of Baban who wants to become a successful person in his own traditional business. Baban also shows his very touching soulful love story on the backdrop of his struggle. I hope that the audience will love this film."

Writer-Director Bhaurao Nanasaheb Karhade

Baban Song Poster Launch 01

Debut Actress Gayatri Jadhav told how she was selected for the role of Komal on the streets and after her final casting she went through workshops and audition. Actor and Producer Bhausaheb Shinde said that the film is turned very well and he is very happy with the final results.

Actress Gayatri Jadhav

Baban Song Poster Launch 02

Actor - Producer Bhausaheb Shinde

Baban Song Poster Launch 03

The romatic song 'Jaganyala Pankh Phutale' is penned by Prof. Dr. Vinayak Pawar and music is composed by Harsshit Abhiraj. The duet is sung by Anwesha Datta Gupta and Onkarswaroop.

Since 'Baban' has Bhaurao Karhade's brand of film-making, it will be very intersting to watch this film in theatres from 23rd March.

(L-R) Producer Chandrakant Raut, Producer Pramod Chaudhary, Director Bhaurao Nanasaheb Karhade, Actress Gayatri Jadhav, Actor-Producer Bhausaheb Shinde and Producer Sandeep Phand

Baban Song Poster Launch 04

Host Gauri Mahajan

Baban Song Poster Launch 05

Cast & Crew - Poster & Song Launch

Baban Song Poster Launch 06

Lead Pair - Photos

Baban Song Poster Launch 07

Poster Pose

Baban Song Poster Launch 08

Baban Song Poster Launch 09

Baban Song Poster Launch 10

Baban Song Poster Launch 11

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