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Gavthi, an upcoming Marathi film which boost many newcomers in all departments released it's brand new poster and a song yesterday in Mumbai. The poster and romantic song 'Disu Laglis Tu' is dedicated to the romance & love of the valentine's day. It was launched by Bollywood's favorite choreographer and director Remo D'souza.

Gavthi... the word has two different meanings. One is the country made things that are processed in a traditional way, adulteration-free, but pure and strong. On the other hand, the term is also used for people with unpolished behavior. Those so called white collared, fake accent people discriminate those addressing in mother tongue. What disgrace would one go through if the individual who may lack polished etiquette tends to loose confidence. Marathi film 'Gavthi' produced by R. B. Productions is a story for all those, who want to prove themselves and change the perspective to look at them and in turn gain confidence.

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The story of Gavthi is written by debutant producer R. Siva Kumar himself. The film is directed by debut director Anand Kumar (Anddy). After assisting his mentor, famous choreographer-director Remo D'souza for 15 years, Anddy is following his mentor's footsteps, by not just choreographing & directing the film, but also trying his hands on screenplay writing. Thus to acknowledge his efforts and make this film a commercial success, Remo himself graced the event his presence and even danced to the signature steps choreographed by Anddy.

Producer R. Siva Kumar

Gavthi Song Poster Launch 01

Director - Choreographer Anand Kumar (Anddy) expressing his thoughts about the debut in direction

Gavthi Song Poster Launch 03

Director - Choreographer Anand Kumar (Anddy) & Remo D'souza

Gavthi Song Poster Launch 02

Many superstars look ahead for the lead role as a cop. But Shrikant Patil, a real life Police Constable rendering his services in Sangli was so passionate about acting that, he quit his job, where he was promoted as a Police Sub-Inspector, for the passion to be an Actor and work as a lead in a film.

Along with Shrikant, Mumbai based Yogita Chavan will be making her debut in Marathi films. She is the 1st runner up at Shravan Queen 2016. Along with these 2 newcomers, films stars veteran artists like Kishor Kadam, Nagesh Bhosale, Kushal Badrike, Kishor Chougule, Vandana Waknis, Ankur Wadhave, Pankaj Vishnu and Sadanand Yadav.

Debut Actor Shrikant Patil

Gavthi Song Poster Launch 04

Musical duo Ashwin Bhandare & Shreyas Angane have not just composed but also sung the romantic song in the film. 'Disu Laglis Tu' is coupled with signature dance steps is going to be a Valentine's Special Gift for the audience. Not just one, but all the songs are melodious. The richness of the film reflects in visuals captured through the lenses of Natsamrat fame cinematographer Ajith Reddy.

Dance Performance by Shrikant Patil & Yogita Chavan on Romantic Song 'Disu Laglis Tu'

Gavthi Song Poster Launch 05

Shrikant Patil, Remo D'souza, Yogita Patil and director Anddy performing Singnature Dance Steps

Gavthi Song Poster Launch 06

Welcoming Remo D'souza

Gavthi Song Poster Launch 07

Poster Launch - Gavthi

Gavthi Song Poster Launch 08

Director Anddy, Producer R. Siva Kumar,  Shrikant Patil, Remo D'souza, Yogita Patil performing Singnature Dance Steps

Gavthi Song Poster Launch 09

Director Anddy, Shrikant Patil, Remo D'souza, Yogita Chavan

Gavthi Song Poster Launch 10

Cast & Crew - Gavthi

Gavthi Song Poster Launch 11

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