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The film Aamhi Doghi revolves around two women - Amala, played by Mukta Barve, and Savitri Sardesai played by Priya Bapat. The women are inseparable despite their different mindsets. They follow diverse paths with the same goal. Mukta Barve’s character is a housewife from a rural background, unaccustomed to urban life. Priya Bapat plays an unusual character, depicting three stages of life. “Act quickly as it comes to mind or else you end up regretting it,” is the philosophy Savitri represents in her life.

“Both, Mukta and Priya, are multi-talented actresses from the Marathi Film & TV industry as well from the theater. Both have proved themselves with the variety of roles they’ve played in a host of films, TV serials and Marathi theater. For the audience in Maharashtra, Aamhi Doghi will be a feast to the Marathi film lovers who are eagerly awaiting the release of the film” claims Sanjay Chhabria of Everest Entertainment.

Producer Sanjay Chhabria

Aamhi Doghi Press Conf 03

“Aamhi Doghi is based on a story written by Gauri Deshpande, a modern author ahead of her time, who left a mark on the Marathi literature. Her novels, short stories and poems captured popular imagination. She carved a niche for herself in the literary world through her unique style,” says the film’s Director Pratima Joshi. She adds, “The film revolves around the story that is close to the heart of today’s young women in all types of relationships including that of mother-daughter, father-daughter or friends. The subject is emotively related to every young girl, and hence will help the young audience to think sensitively.” In a tone of gratitude she says, “I’m fortunate to get the opportunity to direct this film because I had decided long ago that whenever I get a chance to direct a film, it would be based on a story by Gauri Deshpande.”

Director Pratima Joshi

Aamhi Doghi Press Conf 02

This is the first time ever, the two talented actresses have come together to play the main roles in a Marathi movie. The Other actors include Kiran Karmarkar, Bhushan Pradhan, Aarti Wadakbalkar and Prasad Barve.

Pratima Joshi and Bhyagshri Jadhav have written the screenplay and dialogues. The movie has only one song titled ‘Konte Nate Mhanu he Guntane Na Taalane’ penned by Guru Thakur, arranged by Mangesh Dhakade and sung by Vaishali Mhade.

Sanjay Chhabria, Founder of Everest Entertainment who shouldered the responsibility of production and presentation of Aamhi Doghi, has many hit Marathi films to his credit, including Mee Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy, Tukaram, Aajacha Divas Majha, Happy Journey, Time Please, Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2, Coffee Ani Barach Kahi, Baapjanma among others.

'Aamhi Doghi' is ready to release on 23rd February 2018 all over Maharashtra.

Actress Mukta Barve, Priya Bapat, Kiran Karmarkar, Bhushan Pradhan, Aarti Wadakbalkar, Prasad Barve, Director- Pratima Joshi, Producer – Puja Chhabria, Screeplay and Dilogue– Bhagyashri Jadhav and Sanjay Chhabria from Everest entertainment were together at the press conference of “Aamhi Doghi”

Aamhi Doghi Press Conf 05

Actress Mukta Barve Speaking at Press Conference

Aamhi Doghi Press Conf 04

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