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This video is proof that Madhuri is still a teenager at heart who jumps up to dance when her favourite song plays in the club. Recently, when Madhuri Dixit and Renuka Shahane were shooting for their upcoming film Bucket List, someone from the crew dropped the track ‘Lo Chali Main’ from the film ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun...!’ and Madhuri and Renuka jumped up and started dancing to the track. Their chemistry In this video is adorable and will take you back in times when the song was released.

The duo has come together after 24 years in Bucket List, the movie which completely filled with many more surprises to come is set to be released on 25th May!
Madhuri Dixit's Marathi debut Bucket List is making quite a buzz in not only Marathi audience but in Hindi as well!

Their Dance Video on Lo Chali Main is being shared on multiple social media platforms and going viral on internet with millions of views combined.

Watch the Dance of Madhuri and Renuka on Lo Chali Main

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