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You know Actress Aditi Dravid as Isha from Majhya Navaryachi Bayako. She is an Actress, a trained dancer and director. Now She is donning a new hat that is of a producer. Web and YouTube has given many budding artists a way to showcase their talent and Aditi along with her 3 friends, is producing a web-series titled Gaalimaar on the YouTube Channel Tiny Talkies.

Tiny Talkies is a YouTube channel started by Aditi Dravid & Piyush Kulkarni under the banner of Muktaayan and Ravi Zingade & Ranjan Zingade under the banner of RR Vision. The channel showcases tiny videos of 5-7 minutes to show maximum entertainment in less time-span. Current generations attention time-span is very less and that's why these episodes will be strictly 5 - 7 minutes long.

Aditi is currently producing the web-series titled 'Gaalimaar' which will showcase the lighter and funny side of urban modern couples in relationship. It will be original content for all ages, who loves to watch comedy in relationships due to current fast life and internet. The first Episode titled Watchman is currently out which features actors Suyog Gorhe and Shruti Bhandare. Even Actress Rasika Sunil makes a tiny appearance requesting to promote the channel.

Watch the First Episode of Gaalimaar - Watchman

The whole team behind this web-series comprises of local talent in Maharashtra and the episodes are in Hindi to entertain maximum people. Aditi and team plans to make 10 episodes of the web-series Gaalimaar and will be out every 8-10 days. we hope the audience give them huge response so they can make many more episodes of this series.

Other Producers L-R Piyush Kulkarni, Ranjan Zingade and Ravi Zingade

Gaalimaar Webseries Producers

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