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The colorfulness of a sport and the reflections of a sportsman's struggles have left their imprints in many a movie. Along with changing times sports too has changed. Traditional games like ‘Hututu’, ‘lapandaav (hide and seek)’, 'aandhali koshimbir’, viti-dandu, lagori are on the way to extinction. Nowadays, excluding some exceptions, hardly any kids are seen playing these games. Director Bhagwan Vasantrao Pachore and producer Jai Ketan bhai Somaiya have tried to familiarize the present generation with these games, which have virtually gone into oblivion. The movie ‘Gotya’ will be released on 6th of July’. To safeguard one's health it's necessary to play games which are rooted to the soil. It is a glaring horror that in our lives, the value of sports is on the decline. Against this background, an honest attempt s made through this movie 'Gotya’ to sustain the culture of sports.

We can teach a lot of things in life through sports, which are apart from the curriculum. While depicting this through the game of 'gotya’, the jealousy of the kid Gotya is also shown. With the help of the sports teacher, Gotya tries his best to get the sport of Gotya to be taught in the school itself. This struggle of Gotya teaches us a lot about the game in a very entertaining manner. Gotya plays the game with great passion but everybody else in this commercial world looks at it as only a pastime. We get to see how Gotya punctures this kind of mentality, and shows what a wonderful game 'Gotya’ is.

Through these games of the soil, so much a part of the emotional world of a child, we learn about the patience, the thinking capability and the discretion that a child learns from these games. In spite of this we are forgetting these games. Through this movie the producer and the director hope to revive these games and want to show how much joy and pleasure these games provide us.

Music director Avadhoot Gupte has written the score and recorded the songs of the film 'Gotya’. Rohit Nagbhide has scored the background music. The lyrics written by Bhagwan Pachore, 'Chala sare Jag jinkuya', 'Dhaya lagali', 'Gol gol goticha gol', 'Gotivar goti' and 'Dhaya lagali remix'.... these five songs have been sung by Avadhoot Gupte, Bela Shende, Adarsh Shinde, Jasraj Joshi, Kaustubh Gaikwad and Aakash Aaglave. Nainesh Davda and Nishant Rajani are the co-producers of the film.

Ketanbhai Somaiya presented, Vihaan Productions and Dwara Motion Pictures produced, the film has the following actors...Hrishikesh Wankhede, Rajesh Shringarpure, Sayaji Shinde, Anand Ingle, Kamlakar Satpute, Surekha Kudchi,Hemangi Rao, Sharad Sankhla, Shashank Dharne, and Pornima Ahire. Story-screenplay-dialogues-lyrics and direction are by Bhagwan Pachore. Cinematography is by Bashalal Sayed and editing is by Rahul Bhatankar. Choreography is by Ganesh Acharya. The art director is Sandeep Inamke, makeup is by Lalit Kulkarni and costumes by Namdev Waghmare. Babasaheb Patil and Vishal Chavan are the executive-producers of the film.

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