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Noted Bollywood director Rajkumar Hirani lauded soon to be released Marathi film Chumbak by saying it is a heartwarming film with great acting talent showcased by Swanand Kirkire and matured direction by Sandeep Modi.

After watching a special show of the film organized specially for Hirani on Tuesday, he said, “Saw the heartwarming Marathi film Chumbak. Swanand Kirkire is not only a great lyricist but has also proved to be a great actor in this film. Saurabh Bhave has penned a sweet story with matured direction by Sandeep Modi. Newcomers Sahil Jadhav and Sangram Desai have done commendable job as actors. I also salute to Naren Kumar and Akshay Kumar for the production and presentation of the film.”

Hirani latter tweeted in the praises of the film.

Marathi film industry has been abuzz ever since Akshay Kumar had resorted to social media to announce in pure Marathi about his decision to present his first film, Chumbak, produced by Aruna Bhatia, Naren Kumar and Cape of Good films and directed by Sandeep Modi, which will hit the screens across Maharashtra on July 27.

Noted Lyricist, Singer and Actor Swanand Kirkire, who is acting in a Marathi film for the first time is also seen in a lead role for the first time. Sangram Desai and Sahil Jadhav are the youngsters in significant roles in the film alongwith Kirkire. The film has been directed by National Award winner Sandeep Modi.

Rajkumar Hirani Praises Chumbak 02

Swanand Kirkire said "I had assumed that the team wanted to meet me for its music, but I was taken aback once I realized they wanted me to act, that too in a leading role, that too in one of the toughest ones I have ever heard! But listening to the script and the faith the team had, we dived into it all including me, Sandeep, Saurabh and Naren".

"Building on the part of a mentally slow naive man with our own personal observations of people around us and extensive research with doctors and counsels working in this area, we all built this part together brick by brick, with the love and dignity we wanted to bring to it", said director Sandeep Modi.

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