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Saie Tamhankar, after winning hearts with her performances in Marathi and Hindi cinema is now thrilled for Zee5's upcoming web series 'Date With Saie'. Directed by Dnyanesh Zoting, the series not only boasts of a powerful and maze-like narrative but also features Saie in an avatar like never before. Adding to our inquisitiveness, the actress has performed several action sequences for the show and the insights are sure to surprise you and how!

Owing to the script, she jumped from a balcony, did another shot in the train, and another during the climax from a height of 50 ft.

Elated by Saie's commitment, director Dnyanesh Zoting came on records to talk about the actress at length. He said, "While narrating the script to Saie, we told her that we have body doubles in place but she was reluctant on performing the stunts herself. All the action sequences have turned out to be a success and we are amazed by her dedication & commitment."

Sai Tamhankar Perform Stunts Date with Saie 02

It is for the first time that the actress has gone beyond her comfort to learn something new which clearly adds to her skill set now. Expressing her excitement, Saie added, "The script looked extremely interesting to me and I wishfully went ahead to perform the action sequences. Learning new skills have always kept me going and I know that the more I learn, the more have opportunities to grow."

While we have already seen this Marathi Mulgi flooring the audience with her on-screen avatars in past, we're sure that 'Date With Saie' shall set another benchmark for this beautiful actress. Watch Date with Saie on ZEE5, premiering 5th December.

Watch the Trailer of 'Date with Saie'

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