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Marathi movie Sairat is already the most awaited movie due to National Award winning director Nagraj Manjule and praised as Ajay – Atul Musical. The viewers got one more reason to watch the movie in theatres as the lead actress Rinku Rajguru has received a Special Mention Acting Award at the recently announced 63rd National Awards.

Rinku Rajguru makes her acting debut with Sairat and play the female lead character of Archie. Rinku plays a free-spirited college girl from rural Maharashtra who falls in love with Parshya, another free-spirited boy. Sairat is a story about a group of four youth, including a girl. These four are unbound, fearless and carefree. Mainly, it’s a love story having the rural life as its backdrop.

Up till now the names of the lead characters from the movie Sairat were unknown, but from now onwards Rinku Rajguru will become a known name in every household in Maharashtra for sure. Rinku in reality studies in 9th standard and she wanted to be a dancer. She thanks Nagraj for making her National Award winning actress. Congratulates Rinku Rajguru, Nagraj Manjule and Team of Sairat.

This is not the first time that Nagraj’s lead characters have won acting awards. In fact Nagraj achieves a rare Hat-Trick for the acting of his actors.

Suraj Pawar received the special mention National Award for Nagraj’s first short film Pistulya.

Pistulya Nagraj Manjule Short Film

Somnath Avghade won the Best Child Actor Award for Nagraj’s first Marathi Movie Fandry.

Somnath Avghade Fandry


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