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Director Sameer Vidwans and writer Kshitij Patwardhan are together again after the super hit ‘Double Seat last year. The writer-director duo comes back with a bang with their new movie YZ which will hit theaters in June 2016. Today the makers revealed the star cast of YZ.

YZ is presented by Everest Entertainment & Pratisaad Productions and produced by Sanjay Chharbria and Anish Joag. They claim YZ to be a fun filled laugh riot and more than that YZ is an attitude.

Have a look who are the YZ’s in the movie

Sagar Deshmukh as Abab /Gajanan he was born 13 pounds!
Akshay Tanksale as Battis / ShyamSundar Parijatak with quite an interesting personality
Parna Pethe as Antara, isn’t it cool that she is learning Sanskrit!
Sai Tamhankar as Parnarekha, typical sanskari nerd

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