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Drought situation in Maharashtra is worsening day by day. Forthcoming Marathi movie Nivdung throws light on one such issue related to farmer’s suicides. It questions as to why the help given to deceased farmer’s family cannot be made available to him, when he is alive. Produced and directed by Munavar Shamim Bhagat, this is his debut movie in Marathi, after producing few movies in Hindi.

The first shooting schedule of this movie is already over in Shirdi and the film maker is now busy with second schedule of shooting at Film City, Mumbai. Recently, he filmed a Lavani song on lead actress of this movie, Sanskruti Balgude. The song is sung by Urmila Dhangar. The lyrics of this song, which describe the social issue, have been penned by Zaheer Kalam on the music of Rafiq Shaikh. The dance performed by Sanskruti was choreographed by Meghana Sampat.

In Nivdung, Bhushan Pradhan plays the lead hero opposite Sanskruti Balgude. The other cast of this movie are Sara Shravan, Astaad Kale, Prajakta Dighe and Shekhar Phadke.

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