The film Aamhi Doghi revolves around two women - Amala, played by Mukta Barve, and Savitri Sardesai played by Priya Bapat. The women are inseparable despite their different mindsets. They follow diverse paths with the same goal. Mukta Barve’s character is a housewife from a rural background, unaccustomed to urban life. Priya Bapat plays an unusual character, depicting three stages of life. “Act quickly as it comes to mind or else you end up regretting it,” is the philosophy Savitri represents in her life.

Gavthi, an upcoming Marathi film which boost many newcomers in all departments released it's brand new poster and a song yesterday in Mumbai. The poster and romantic song 'Disu Laglis Tu' is dedicated to the romance & love of the valentine's day. It was launched by Bollywood's favorite choreographer and director Remo D'souza.

Love is an universal emotion and two lovely souls involve with lots of emotions with each other. Soon the whole world will be celebrating Valentine's Day. To celebrate this annual day of love, upcoming Marathi film Baban launched their romantic song 'Jaganyala Pankh Phutale' and a brand new poster on 5th February at Mumbai Plaza Cinema. It was also announced that Baban will be releasing on 23rd March 2018 all over Maharashtra.

The Great George Bernard Shaw once quoted, "There is no love sincerer than the love of food." A recipe has no soul. You as a cook, must bring soul to the recipe. Zee Studios is all set to bring the tastiest film of the year, the story of Radha and Aditya in 'Gulabjaam' directed by renowned director Sachin Kundalkar. It will be an exquisite treat for the audience. The film features eminent actors Sonali Kulkarni and Siddarth Chandekar. The Trailer of Gulabjaam was launched yesterday in a grand event in Mumbai.

Marathi films are about innovative content and the industry churns out many path breaking and never before told stories from our day-to-day life. We are brought up listening to the stories of fairies, kings, queens, princesses and monsters. What will happen if the Monster really awakens and threatens life of dear ones of a small girl. That's where the reality meets fantasy, a genre never tried before in Marathi film, Fantasy-Thriller. Raakshas is one such unique film. The trailer of Raakshas was launched yesterday in Mumbai.

रिंकू राजगुरू या आपल्या गावच्या लेकीला बघायला झालेली गर्दी... तिची छबी टिपण्यासाठी सरसावलेले मोबाईल.. मुहुर्ताच्या क्लॅपनंतर लाईट कॅमेरा अॅक्शन म्हणून चित्रीत झालेला प्रसंग आणि वाजलेल्या टाळ्या, शिट्ट्या.. असं वातावरण होतं कागर चित्रपटाच्या सेटवर! रिंकू राजगुरूची मुख्य भूमिका असलेला मकरंद माने दिग्दर्शित "कागर" या चित्रपटाचा मुहूर्त खासदार मा. विजयसिंह मोहिते पाटील यांच्या हस्ते नुकताच झाला. या वेळी शिवरत्न शिक्षण संस्थेचे अध्यक्ष धैर्यशील मोहिते पाटील, सोलापूर जिल्हा परिषद सदस्या शीतलदेवी मोहिते पाटील, अकलूजचे सरपंच शिवतेजसिंह मोहिते पाटील, उपसरपंच धनंजय देशमुख, किशोरसिंह माने पाटील, उदाहरणार्थ निर्मितचे सुधीर कोलते आणि विकास हांडे आदी उपस्थित होते.