Actor Umesh Kamat is ready with his new film titled Tath Kana (ताठ कणा). The film is based on the autobiography 'Tath Kana' of pioneer of Neuro Spinal Surgery in India, Dr. Premanand Ramani. Umesh will be portraying the central character of Dr. Ramani.

Gurudarshan Films and Pahal Productions LLP produced Vitthala Shappath is an upcoming Marathi film. The film is written & directed by Chandrakant Pawar. The makers recently launched the motion poster revealed the release date of the film as 15th September 2017.

Saksham Films, GSEAMS and Cinecorn India presents upcoming Marathi film 'Tula Kalnnaar Nahi'. The film talks about the relationship of husband and wife. The viewers will be able to see the chemistry between Sonalee Kulkarni and Subodh Bhave for the first time. Love story after marriage is the theme of the film which is directed by Swapna Waghmare Joshi.

Written and directed by Bharat Sunanda, Rajan is an upcoming Marathi film based on underworld don Rajan. Few days back the 'WANTED' teaser poster was launched and it had created a lot of curiosity among viewers about who will be playing the central character of Chhota Rajan.

Life is filled with little things which makes us happy and we should always have the courage to live with same excitement everyday. Living life should feel like celebration and not burden. Recently a unique poster of the upcoming Marathi film Zindagi Virat was launched. The poster hints that the film is about celebrating life.