Interest sensation is the latest trend among commoners as well as celebrities. Their are people with exceptional talents, who use internet to showcase their talent. In the process of showing their talents, unintentionally he or she becomes an internet sensation. We are here talking about one such instagram sensation, Marathi Actress Shilpa Thakre.

Shilpa Thakre uploads very short dubsmash videos on her Instagram account (shilpa_thakre_official) in which she performs only with her facial expressions and hands. The videos are getting likes and views in thousands. The videos are also viral on social media platforms including whatsapp. The best among them are "Mi Sataryachi Phuljhadi", "Ichaar Kay Hay Tumcha", "Yu Hi Tum Mujhse Baat Karati Ho" and many more.

From her Instagram pages, we know that she is an Actor Writer Performer Dancer Artist and Food lover. She had played a lead role in Marathi film Prema. She has 25 thousand Instagram followers, which sure are going to increase beacasue of her viral expression videos.

Watch here all her expression videos will find more info about the actress and soon reveal more about her, till then stay tuned.

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